The goods can be returned within 14 days from the date of receipt.

To make a return, access your profile, go to the My Orders section, select the order you want to return and fill out the form specifying the reason and what you want to get. In case of defects, please provide us with details and pictures. You will receive an e-mail with your return order number and instructions for arranging the return shipment.

We accept the following return options:
1. Color change
Items can be exchanged when a different color of the same product is available. The first return is free only for the change of color / model within European countries.
2. Reimbursement
In case of reimbursement, a contribution for shipping costs will be requested

From non-EU countries, the cost of the return is 30 euros, to which the import costs and taxes are added: the amount will be deducted from the value of the final repayment.

All refunds will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase. Any differences in the amount refunded are due to the exchange rate and will not be reimbursed.
Refunds will be processed as soon as the returned items have been checked and accepted.

For orders paid by:
Credit card: the amount refunded will be available to customers in approximately 10 working days. The processing time may vary depending on the credit card company.
Paypal: the amount refunded will be refunded directly to the original account within 2/3 days from the date of receipt.

For more information, visit our Terms and Conditions section.

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