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Intellectual property rights

All contents of the site are protected and protected by existing copyright and industrial and/or intellectual property rules. For example, but not exhaustive, the content of the site must be understood as:
• Texts
• Any graphical and/or text representation in general
• Photographs
• Film
Any reproduction, alteration, transmission, publication and/or redistribution of the content of the site without the express written authorisation of Alsteca srl, without prejudice to the printing, downloading and displaying of the contents of the site for purposes solely personal and non-commercial purposes, and provided that the content is not modified in any way and the information relating to the rights of industrial and intellectual property apr poste.
Alsteca srl makes it known that all distinctive signs in the ownership of Alsteca srl are absolutely prohibited. At the same time, the content of the site cannot be spread through communication channels, such as internet, television, radio or any other kind, in the absence of prior written authorization by Alsteca srl.

Conditions of sale
This document contains general terms of sale and payment online via the website corresponding to the domain name www.alsteca.it in ownership and management of Alsteca srl, with registered office in Via Pergolesi 6, 20124 MILANO VAT Game, Fiscal Code IT05938440962 and registration number in the Enterprise Register Rea number 1861055 MILANO .
These general conditions, except where derogations are specifically agreed in writing, regulate the relationship between Alsteca srl and the customer, consumer or professional.

Conclusion of the contract
At payment, the purchase order is taken in charge by alsteca.it which will send a mail of only confirmation of order received. Verified the correctness of the payment and the data of the order and of the shipment and verified the availability of the ordered product, alsteca.it will consider the contract concluded and confirm by email the execution of the order with all the relevant information.
It is evidenced that alsteca.it may cancel purchase orders that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or that they are incomplete or incorrect or in the event of the unavailability of the products. In such cases, the user is informed by e-mail that the contract is not concluded and that alsteca.it has not followed the order.
In particular, in the case of products no longer available, or for sale at the time of last access to the site (i.e. the sending of the order form) but subsequently no longer available, will be the care of alsteca.it to communicate, in time and in any event within thirty (30) days from the day following that in which the order was transmitted, the possible unavailability of the products ordered.
In the case of a contract not concluded that however it has generated a payment of the price, alsteca.it will provide without delay to reimburse what already anticipated from the user.

Right to withdraw
Pursuant to art. 64 D.Lgs. No 206/2005, the customer who has the consumer status is entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without need to provide explanations and without any penalty, in the terms and in the manner set out in the subsequent articles.
In order to exercise the right of withdrawal as provided for in Article 14.1 above, the customer shall complete the request form made in Section I My Orders and send it to Alsteca srl within 14 working days of the date of receipt of the products, in respect of which the right of withdrawal is exercised.
Once the above-mentioned withdrawal notice has been received, instructions on the return modes will be communicated to the customer, assigning a unique code for the return of the product(s). The customer will receive an authorization email containing the documentation necessary to proceed with the shipment.
The withdrawal will be booked via the BRT courier site at the address brt.it. The refund product must be received in Alsteca srl within 14 days of receipt of the documentation. To this end, the date of delivery to the consignor will be authentic. The return may be requested only by the same header of the order and made at the same address as the consignment.
The purchased product shall be returned intact, unused, washed or otherwise altered complete with all its parts, equipped with the related control card, untampered and untampered guarantee seals and in the original package (including original packaging and boxes, and any accessory material, such as, for example, dustbags, hats and clothing covers).
To limit damage to the original package, it is recommended to insert it in a second box, on which the car letter provided by Alsteca srl is affixed. In all cases, the label position or adhesive tapes should be avoided directly on the original package of the product.
Shipping costs relating to the return of the product are diversified according to the causes of the return of the product ordered by the customer at www.alsteca.it.
1. Shipping costs relating to the refund of the product within the European Union shall be borne by Alsteca srl SOLAMENTE for the first change (cut/colour, and for defected heads), depending on the availability of the stock in the size/colour required, or for refund.
2. The shipping costs relating to the return of the product outside the Italian territory and the European Union shall be borne by the customer; the delivery costs to the customer and any other ancillary costs and/or fees shown at the time of the order shall not be reimbursed.
3. The shipment, until the certificate of receipt in the warehouse of Alsteca srl, is under the full responsibility of the customer. The right of withdrawal applies only to the product purchased in its entirety; it is not possible to exercise withdrawal only on one or more parts of the product purchased.
Without prejudice to any recovery costs for damages to the original packaging, Alsteca srl will reimburse the customer for the purchase of the product within 14 days of its return. In the case of payment by credit card, by means of a credit card transfer procedure, the amount charged on the credit card or Paypal.
The customer shall lapse from the possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal, due to the lack of the essential condition of integrity of the product (or packaging and/or its contents), in cases where Alsteca srl accerts:
• Partial use of the product and any accessories;
• The lack of the outer carton, the original inner packaging;
• Tampering and wear of guarantee seals;
• The absence of any integral elements of the product;
• The absence of the control card attached to the product;
• Damage to the product for causes other than its transport.
In such cases, the products will remain in storage at the Alsteca srl warehouse at the disposal of the customer for the withdrawal at its cost.

Guarantees and originality of the product
All products sold via the site are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee for compliance defects, lasting 12 months in case the customer is a professional operator (and, as such, equipped with VAT Game) and the duration of 24 months in case the customer is a consumer, as provided by the D.Lgs. No 206/2005.
The producer's guarantee is provided in terms of law.
The guarantee shall apply to the product with a defect in compliance, provided that the product is properly used, in accordance with its intended use and with the requirements of the attached documentation. In the event of a failure to comply, Alsteca srl will, without cost to the customer, ensure that the product is restored by repair/replacement or price reduction or contract termination. If, following the check by Alsteca srl, the vice does not result in a failure to comply, the customer will be charged any costs of verification and recovery, where applicable, and the costs of transport if incurred by Alsteca srl.
If Alsteca srl, for any reason, is unable to make its client a guaranteed product (restored or replaced), it may, at its discretion, reimburse the amount paid taking into account the use of the product or its replacement with a product having equal or greater characteristics.
The repair times or possible replacement of the defective product depend solely on the manufacturer’s policies and no damage can be required to Alsteca srl, for any delays in the execution of repairs or replacements.
Where the application of the guarantees provides for the return of the product, the product shall be returned by the customer in the original package, complete in all parts of the product (including packaging and any documentation and accessories). In order to limit damage to the original package, Alsteca srl recommends that you enter it in a second box.

Promotional Codes
Customers who join Alsteca srl's newsletter will receive information about products and companies in the catalogue, images and presentations of events and parades, promotional updates and promotional codes.
Promotional codes, received by email, are strictly personal and not ceded. Each promotional code, by nature, has a period of validity and that time limit cannot be extended in any way, in some cases promotional codes are valid only for certain brands or items, specified in the e-mail containing the code.
Promotional codes are not cumulable, transferable and/or sellable. Alsteca srl reserves the right to refuse orders made by using promotional codes that show signs of duplication or fraudulent use.

Cuts and fittings
If the customer needs more help, our team will try every item for sale and will be able to answer questions or elucidations. To get a consult, send an email to customercare@alsteca.it
Let us remember that the first product change in Italy / European Union is free. For more information, see the Returns and Refunds section.

Protection of personal data
Pursuant to art.13 D.Lgs. Alsteca srl, as the Data Controller, informs the customer that the personal data provided and acquired at the same time, the registration in the reserved area of the site, the conclusion of an online purchase contract through any product data or at the time of navigation on the site through the system c.d.log, will be processed by manual tools computers and telematics for the purposes set out below:
(a) the completion of Alsteca srl of the activities necessary for the conclusion, management and execution of the purchase contracts of the products via the site in its own ownership;
(b) For the purpose closely connected and/or necessary to satisfy the requests made from the user through the site or by e-mail or other communications tool;
(c) the fulfilment of obligations under Community laws, regulations and legislation and provisions provided by the authorities to this law or by supervisory and control bodies;
(d) Send newsletters and promotional material with the object of the products offered by Alsteca srl. With reference to the above objectives, Alsteca srl informs that the data is mandatory for sub-a), b), c) purposes, with the result that in such cases, any refusal to confer will result in the impossibility for Alsteca srl to satisfy and evade the required orders or customer requests.
In view of the above, with reference to the treatments referred to in point (d) above, Alsteca srl will request from time to time to customer, through appropriate masks placed on the site to give consent to the execution of such type and treatment.
The processing of personal data is carried out with logics closely related to the above purposes and, however, in order to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the data. Furthermore, personal data may be communicated - for the purposes referred to in points (a), (b), (c) - to subjects other than Alsteca srl, who will retain them as self-employed holders or managers of the treatment. In any case, personal data will not be subject to dissemination. Alsteca srl informs, finally, that art. 7 D.Lgs. 196/2003 gives the customer, who communicates his personal data, specific rights, including that of obtaining from the holder or the person responsible, where illuminated, confirmation of the existence or not of his personal data and that such data are made available to him in an intelligible form, to know the origin of the data, and the logic and purposes on which the processing is based, to obtain cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or the blocking of data processed in violation of law and updating, correcting, or if there is interest, integration of data, objecting, for legitimate reasons, to the processing itself.
In order to learn of violations or changes in the policy relating to the protection of personal data followed by Alsteca srl, due, as a main ruler, to regulatory changes, the customer should consult this document constantly.

Any complaint by the customer shall be addressed to:
Alsteca srl
Customer service
Via Pergolesi 6, 20124 MILANO
e-mail: info@alsteca.it
These general conditions are governed solely by Italian Law.

Italian law
Users who log on to this website declare that they accept that all issues relating to the use of the Alsteca website are regulated by the legislation in force of the Italian State. Alsteca does not in any way ensure that the content of the site complies with the regulations in force in other countries. Access to the Alsteca site from places where its contents are considered illegal is expressly prohibited. Users who decide to access the site from these countries are fully aware of the legal consequences and sanctions in which they risk incurring and will be solely responsible for respecting local laws.

Under and for the effects of Articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, it is declared to expressly accept the provisions of Articles 3 (summary description of the products in catalogue); 5 (faculty of non-evasion of the order); 8.1, lett. E (no accountability for fraudulent use of customer credit cards); 8.1, lett. F (no liability for the good outcome of the on-line payment); 8.2, lett. B (reservation for cancellation of the order in defect of receipt of copy of the bank transfer within 48 hours); 8.3, lett. B (reservation of cancellation of the order in case of payment from unverified PayPal accounts); 11 and 22 (delivery/delivery costs and customer fees); 15 (delivery of the obligations of anAlsteca srl at the time of delivery of the product to the selected consignor); 16 (requirement burden of the products delivered by the customer); 17 (acceptance of the product without reservation by the Customer, in breach of disputes); 23 (debit reserve of 10% in case of damage to the internal and external packaging of the product rendered); 25 (refusal reserve to acceptance of the rendered product); 32 (privacy) and 34 (applicable law), of these General Conditions.

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