Overtown C54
Overtown C54
Overtown C54
Product image 1Overtown C54
Product image 2Overtown C54
Product image 3Overtown C54

Overtown C54

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Eyessportunisexwith bronze frame and gold mirrored lenses.


Eyessportunisexwith bronze frame and gold mirrored lenses.

The Alsteca glasses are made in Italy: both the mounting and the lenses are made in Italy. The frame in Grilamid TR90 guarantees high elasticity, extreme lightness and shape memory and ended with a soft-touch paint that makes it pleasantly rubbery to the touch. Polycarbonate lenses are breakable and anti-caking. The weight of only 16 grams, the extreme flexibility and soft-touch paint make this spectacle truly unique.

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